Everything for Baby Hawkeyes!

Two-Pack Iowa Hawkeyes Pacifier Set
"I Dig the Hawkeyes" Jersey Tee by Colosseum©
Iowa Pinstripe Baseball Romper by Colosseum©
Nike© Set of Two Iowa Hawkeyes Rompers
Baby Hawkeye Two Piece Ruffle Dress and Pant Set by Colosseum©
Iowa Hawkeyes Dribble Two Piece Set by Colosseum©
Little Hawkeye Sippy Cup by Baby Fanatic©
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Sale price: $2.99
Gold Trim & White Iowa Tigerhawk Bib by Creative Knitwear©
Black Trim & White Tigerhawk Bib by Creative Knitwear©
Baby's Iowa Hawkeyes Two Piece Shout Cheerleader Outfit by Colosseum©
Infant Black & Grey Zipper Fleece Two Piece Set by Colosseum©
Colosseum© Hawkeye Scribbler Three Piece Set
Hawkeye Snoflake Two Piece Fleece Zipper Hood Set by Colosseum©
Colosseum© Starburst Iowa Fleece Zipper Hood & Pants Set
Baby's Iowa Hawkeyes Jersey Style Romper by Colosseum©
Baby's Iowa Jumper and Bib Combo by Colosseum©
Zoozatz© Baby Hawkeye Footie & Cap Set
Baby Gir's Polka Dot Iowa Tigerhawk Two Piece Dress Set by Colosseum©
Two Piece Hawkeyes Jersey and Pants Set by Colosseum©
Hawkeye Gold Rocker Jersey by Colosseum©
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Sale price: $7.99
Hawkeyes Football Romper by Colosseum©
Baby's Two-Piece Zipper Hood & Pants Iowa Hawkeyes Set by Colosseum©
Regular price: $38.00
Sale price: $32.99
Iowa Hawkeye Bib Bottle & Pacifier Set by Baby Fanatic©
Baby's Two Piece Iowa Zipper Jacket & Pants Set by Two Feet Ahead©
Two Pack Orthodontic Tigerhawk Baby Pacifier Set.
"Is It Just Me?" One Piece Jumper
Regular price: $14.99
Sale price: $9.99
Just Add-A-Kid© Football Player One-Piece
Just Add A Kid© Cheerleader One-Piece
Iowa Peppermint Pink One-Piece by Sara Lynn Togs©
9" by 12" Just Add A Kid© Cheerleader Bib
Baby Q-Zip  Hawkeyes Pullover by Third Street©
Baby Iowa Hawkeye Mesh #16 Football Jersey by Nike©
Baby Black & Gold Stripped Game Bibs
Baby Iowa  Football Romper by College Kids©
Bryn White Infant Iowa Cute Romper by College Kids©
Baby's Knit Collar & Cuffs Iowa Hawkeyes Romper by Third Street©
Regular price: $29.99
Sale price: $16.99
Black & Gold Vertical Iowa Hawkeyes Stripe Shoulder Romper by Colosseum©
Pink Iowa Hawkeyes Sun Hat by Thrid Street©
Penguin Books Future Reader Romper
Penguin Books Future Reader Bib
9 Ounce Iowa Baby Bottle
Stainless Steel Baby Hawkeye fork and spoon set
Iowa Pacifier clip
University of Iowa Infant Pacifiers
Baby Tigerhawk Two Piece Zipper Hood & Pant Set by Two Feet Ahead©